Field Experiences

College of Education

Clinical Experiences: Field Experiences and Student Teaching / Internship

Students document their field experiences by completing the official attendance log they receive from the Office of Clinical Experiences when they select their field school site at the beginning of each semester. Specific tasks for each course are outlined in the course syllabus provided by each course instructor. At the end of the semester, students obtain the school site teacher’s signature and submit the completed attendance logs for approval by the instructor, and then upload the information to TaskStream. These field experiences are required for selected courses in the COE (list attached).

As the final capstone experience, all initial teacher preparation programs require a full-time 14-week clinical practice (student teaching or internship). The ESE/ESOL program also requires an additional 120-hour practicum the semester prior to student teaching. The following table lists the field experiences, clinical practice, and total number of hours for each undergraduate program in the COE.

COE Clinical Experiences – Definitions

  • Experiential Learning (broad, generic term)
    • Clinical Experiences – comprehensive term that includes:
  1. Field Experiences (begin early in student’s program and continue throughout program)
  2. Practicum (occurs the semester prior to student teaching / internship)
  3. Student Teaching / Internship (capstone experience, end of student’s program, full semester)