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The School of Journalism and Mass Communication is pleased to work with students in obtaining internships designed to provide a real-life, experience based component to their program. All internships are credit-based and are completed per term. They are available for undergraduate students in Advertising, PR and Journalism. Graduate students and International Students are also welcome to participate. Click on the links below for more information on how to obtain an internship and the host companies that are offering them.

Additionally, you can stay connected to all internship opportunities by joining the SJMC's bi-weekly internship and scholarship e-feed. To learn more about The 'Ship, email

Available Internships

Undergraduate Students - Advertising & Public Relations

Undergraduate Students - Journalism

Graduate Students

All international students are welcome to do internships. They must first obtain a letter of permission from the corporation and submit it to the Office of International Students for prior approval.

International Guidelines - Advertising & Public Relations

International Guidelines - Journalism

List of Host Companies