Employer Responsibilities

Employer Responsibilities

All employers interested in hosting interns from the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, will complete the registration form at the end of this document. This confirms that the interning student will be given an opportunity to work at least 10 to 15 weeks and 300 hours and cross train in at least three different areas. These areas will be chosen cooperatively between the student and employer and approved by the Career Development Office.

A supervisor should be assigned for each intern. At the beginning of the internship, the student and advisor should establish a list of objectives (what they feel should be gained from the internship) and the internship program planned to assure that the objectives will be met. These objectives should be reviewed and updated during the program. The supervisor should meet with the student weekly to assess the student's progress, answer questions, review the objectives and provide candid feedback to the student. The supervisor will serve as mentor and teacher. This person will be responsible for selecting a management project for the student, assisting the student as necessary and critiquing the project upon completion. He/she will be responsible for evaluating the student at mid-term (5 weeks) and at the end of the internship. The supervisor will be required to write a letter documenting the student's weeks and hours worked and provide a short critique of the completed project.

Pay rate: The pay should be commensurate with the job and experience of the student. If internship is unpaid: agreed upon with the student and employer, and a position description will be submitted to the Career Development Office for approval.


The greatest benefit to the employer is the opportunity to have an enthusiastic, motivated, knowledgeable employee. Although the student is only required to work 10 to 15 weeks, experience has shown, if given the opportunity, many students continue with the sponsoring company after graduation. Therefore, the employer can evaluate the employee during the internship and be assured of their work habits and management potential prior to making an official offer of career employment. This can lead to fewer turnovers for the company and greater productivity.

Many employers structure their internship to include a portion of the company's management training program. This gives the student a valuable cross-training experience and provides the employer with an opportunity to "fast track" the employee after graduation.


If you would like to establish an internship program with the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, please contact:

Claudia Castillo

Assistant Director of Career Development