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Professor Phyllis Williams Kotey, Director


It is my hope that every student will take advantage of the opportunity to gain practical experience in a legal extern placement. These placements are intended to complement NOT supplant the clinical experience of an in-house clinic internship. Please review this information carefully so that you can make an informed decision. I am available to meet with each of you or can be emailed at If you email, please title the email: EXTERNSHIP PLACEMENT. If certification is required for the placement, you will not be enrolled if you have not submitted an application to the Florida Bar for admission or clearance.

The purpose of the Externship Program is to provide an opportunity for students to: increase their knowledge of substantive areas of law; gain exposure to a real work environment and provide valuable support to legal employer in the governmental and public sector. Students will obtain in-depth exposure to the practice of law, including legal skills and be involved in activities characteristically performed by attorneys including, but not limited to: research and writing, document drafting, client interviews, counseling, fact investigations, negotiations and court appearances. Additionally, students will be exposed to the ethical issues raised in the practice of law, and to opportunities to confront and discuss real ethical problems.


Professor Phyllis Williams Kotey