Panther Job Link

What is Panther JobLink? It is Career Service’s database of jobs, internships and career-related events and opportunities.

How can I join? Create your account at

Tips to Maximize Your Job Search on the Panther Joblink System

  • Once your account is activated, complete your profile and make sure it is always up to-date! (e.g.: your GPA, major, work authorization, etc.). If this is not filled out accurately you will miss out on jobs for which you might qualify.
  • Without a resume, you won’t be able to apply to jobs/interviews. Upload your resume under documents. You are able to upload up to ten documents (transcripts, cover letters, etc.). Have a general resume as your “default resume.”
  • If you are a fully admitted business student, contact the College of Business Administration’s Career Management Office to register with them. Call for details at 305-348-7396.
  • Saved searches — Search agents allow you to set up searches so that you can receive emails with job opportunities.

How to Save Your Searches:

  1. Click on the tab “Jobs.”
  2. Click on sub tab “Advanced Search.”
  3. A new page will appear. Next to search agents please check box next to “Save As” and label it according to your needs (accounting, sales, etc.).
  4. Tailor this search as you please. (keywords, position types, job function). Hint: Remember, the less specific you are, the more jobs you’ll find.
  5. Then, scroll to the bottom and click “Submit.”
  6. Then click on “Search Agents” on the sub tab.
  7. Next to the desired “label” click “Schedule.” This will bring you to a new page. Next to enable, click “Yes.” Then tailor this option as you please (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly).
  8. Then click “Submit.” You will receive email notifications of job opportunities based on your saved searches.

On Campus Interviews

  • Please log in at:
  • Type your Panther Id as your username and password.
  • Click on “JOBS.”
  • Under “Show Me,” scroll to “All interviews.”
  • Click on “Search” and you will see all interviews.

JOB Listings

  • Click on “Jobs” and then:
  • Under “Show Me,” scroll to “all job listings.”
  • You can search by any criteria (full time, part time, etc.).

Click on Events

  • You will see: Career Fairs, Information sessions and Workshops.
  • Please RSVP and make sure you attend!

Found a Job or an Internship?

  • Please report this in your account under “Placements” or call our office. This information is crucial for our statistics.

To Deactivate Your Account

  • Click on “Profile” and then “Privacy,” set this to “No.” You will not receive any emails from our office.