Informational Interviewing

For any student who is interested in learning more about the careers or jobs that they can see themselves in, the greatest resource available to them is in many cases the last one they look to utilize, which are the individuals who are currently in those roles! If you want to learn more about being a lawyer, social worker, teacher or marketing specialist, then reach out to the individuals in your community or in the city where you want to live who are in those positions, and request an informational interview.

Researching company websites or LinkedIn can help give you contact information for their employees. From there, you can send a quick email, introducing yourself as an FIU student, and explaining that you are interested in their field, and that you would like to speak with them to learn about their job, and what steps they took to get there. Informational interviews allow you to get a deeper understanding of the careers and jobs you are interested in and to inquire about possible internship opportunities, while building your professional network. Make sure to maintained contact with the professionals that you speak with.