Internship Work Group

Work Group Sub-Committees

Marketing and Communications Subcommittee

  • Goals:
    1. Create the university internship website
    2. Create stories highlighting successful interns/internships/agency partners for dissemination via websites, FIU media relations, and to partners
    3. Identify innovative ways to publicize the internship website, process, and success stories

Federal and International Internships Subcommittee

  • Goals:
    1. Create the content for a section of the university internship website focusing on federal internships
    2. Identify 4-5 key federal agencies, international organizations and appropriate schools/units to develop partnership guaranteeing internship positions for our students.
    3. Create a process to increase and track the number of individual students applying and obtaining federal and international internship positions
    4. Create partnerships with Washington DC universities and colleges to provide low-cost housing and to allow student interns to pursue academic courses while in Washington DC
    5. Collaborate with FIU Office of Federal Relations and FIU Alumni Relations to expand Washington DC community of alumni and mentors to provide support to interns
    6. Collaborate with FIU SIO and Legal Counsel to determine international internship structure

Internship Definition, Education & Processes

  • Goals:
    1. Create a common university-wide definition incorporating the various forms of internship experiences
    2. Create educational information about the internship process, the value of internships, and internship best practices for the university website
    3. Identify legal language and documents that need to be incorporated on the university internship website
    4. Develop standard, and when needed customized, affiliation agreements

Data Collection / Course Capture

  • Goals:
    1. Determine best method to capture quantitative data on actual number of students engaged in internships across university, including students who find internships outside of traditional means
    2. Create a process to obtain qualitative feedback from students
    3. Determine best method for transcript notation
    4. Transform on-campus jobs into legitimate internship positions
    5. Create a process for internship validation (learning outcomes and quality control)

Affinity & Incentives Subcommittee

  • Goals:
    1. Develop incentives/awards to acknowledge internship providers/partners
    2. Develop policy on tuition waiver certificates for preceptors/internship supervisors
    3. Create unit-, school-, college-, and university-level recognition events for agencies and for preceptors/internship supervisors