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Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff are experts in their fields who can offer specialized assistance and support to students in their area.

Today, employers are looking for recent graduates with critical thinking skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and above all else, real-world experience in their field. This skill set can best be reached by spending time working in the field. Faculty and Staff are in a unique position to offer tailored support to students participating in internships.

Students can develop these skills through volunteering and through student organizations, but one of the best resources available are internships! During an internship, students have the ability to engage in multiple projects, and interact with others, which enables them to diversify their experiences.

Students are looking for experiences that will fit their busy schedules and will also provide them with the opportunity to learn valuable skills employers seek. We encourage Faculty and Staff to support students in any way they can, and to refer them to the campus resources available to them if needed.

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