Questions to Ask Students

Questions to ask students when helping them define their internship goals

  • What are their professional goals/career interests?
  • What types of organizations are they interested in?
  • Where do they want to pursue their internship?
  • What is the right term? (Beware of deadlines)

Resources to help students find an internship

  • Career Services Office (link to 4 Career Centers here)
  • Networking (faculty, classmates, relatives, former employers, etc.)
  • Major/Minor Department (how to provide your students with field-specific resources)
  • LinkedIn
  • Career/Internship Fairs
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Company Websites
  • CREATE their own internship (prepare an internship proposal)
  • Industry specific books/periodicals
  • Employer Information Sessions •

How your student should prepare for their internship search and experience

  • Attend Career Services Workshops:
    • i. Resume/Cover Letter Writing
    • ii. Internships 101
    • iii. Interviewing Skills
    • iv. Networking Skills
    • v. How to Prepare for Career Fair
  • Have them schedule an appointment with a Career Services advisor to discuss their internship goals and to map out a course of action.