For employers, a successful internship program should meet the organization’s needs while providing students with relevant career experiences. An internship is a supervised work experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what is being learned throughout the experience. Learning activities common to internships include learning objectives, observation, reflection, evaluation, and assessment.

FIU is Worlds Ahead as Miami’s first and only four-year public research university in its service to the community and is a great place to start an internship program. With a student body of nearly 50,000, we’re one of the 25 largest public universities in the nation. More than 115,500 FIU alumni live and work in South Florida.

Our colleges and schools offer more than 180 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in fields such as engineering, international relations and law. As one of South Florida’s anchor institutions, FIU has been locally and globally engaged for more than four decades finding solutions to the most challenging problems of our time.

FIU’s student body reflects the diversity of South Florida with 61% of our student body being Hispanic, 15% White Non-Hispanic, 13% Black, 4% Asian or Pacific Islander and 7% other minority groups.

There are many benefits to hosting an FIU intern. FIU interns provide fresh ideas and new perspectives, and give an organization the opportunity to diversify their workforce. Their global and creative perspective can motivate current employees to pursue more creative projects and provide leadership opportunities through mentoring interns. Our interns allow employers to develop and train a future workforce with the latest skills and knowledge available. Additionally having a formal FIU internship program provides the employer with the opportunity to develop a pipeline of talent, and teach skills that may only be learned while working in the field.

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