Credit vs. Non-Credit

Many academic departments have a series of requirements that students must meet in order to obtain credit for an internship. If seeking to get academic credit:

  • Students should contact their academic department to determine if they have an internship course or curriculum and if there are specific academic requirements or prerequisites in order to receive credit.
  • Students must get internship approval for academic credit before accepting an offer or beginning the internship. Normally for credit students must be registered for an internship course prior to starting the internship.
  • Students need to know the deadline dates for applying for credit internships. Check with your academic department before the start of the semester the internship is to begin.

Non-credit internships do not need the approval of an academic department. The internship arrangement is between the student and an employer. Students are encouraged to notify their career services office if they obtain an internship so the university can track the number of students on internships each semester.