Internship Strategies

How to balance an internship

a. Time Management

Remember that most internships are part-time, and are set up by employers who understand students need for flexibility in their schedules. Even full-time students, who have part-time jobs, can still fit a part-time internship in. It may require to work a few hours on certain days, but the experience and the skills gained are worth the small sacrifices. For assistance on learning how to balance an internship visit a Career Services Office. (LINK TO CAREER SERVICES RESOURCE PAGE)

b. You can do it!!!

College is about more than just learning in the classroom. It is a crash course on how to begin organizing a schedule, balancing responsibilities and priorities, and ultimately learning how to set and achieve goals. It is normal for students to get frustrated and feel overwhelmed at times, but there are wonderful resources on campus to help guide students through the process. Professors, classmates, academic advisors, and the Career Services Offices are willing to provide support.

How to leave an internship on a positive note

a. Thanking staff/supervisor Send personalized emails or notes to everyone worked with over the course of the internship to emphasize gratitude for the opportunity and experience gained. Failing to properly say thank you before exiting an internship does have negative impacts with employers.

b. Conduct Informational Interviews Ask employees at the internship for 5-10 minutes to go over any last questions. It is also beneficial to ask any supervisors for their thoughts on student performance, and what can be done to improve and succeed in the field.

c. Offer to continue to help Volunteering to continue to work on a current project, or take on a new one, like a company blog or event idea usually has positive impacts with employers

d. Ask for a Letter of Recommendation If a letter of recommendation is needed it’s best to mention this with plenty of notice, usually at the beginning of the final month with a reminder within the two weeks left. Employers understand the need for references when moving on to the next endeavor. To help the process students can compile a list of projects that were worked on as a reminder the writer.

e. Stay in Touch Adding contacts to a LinkedIn profile is a nice way to keep employers or former interns in your network and provides a quick means of contacting them. A LinkedIn profile is less likely to change than an email address, especially when people change jobs.